Blosxom needs help with intra-blog links

I’d like my entire blog to be self-contained. That is to say, I’d like to be able to move it to a different URL someday, if necessary, and have everything still work. (Permalinks that others had saved wouldn’t work, but that can’t be helped in this case.)

Right now I don’t see a way to link to another blog entry without including the full URL, like this. It would be nice if blosxom supported a special tag for this, or at least applied the $url template variable to the body of the entry. (Of course, then it would need to provide an easy way to escape dollar signs in entries, so perhaps the special tag would be best.)

Another Blapp idea

Here’s another idea for Blapp. Not often, but occasionally, blog ideas occur to me faster than I can write them. Right now I’m recording the ideas in a sticky until I get time to write a proper blog entry, but it would be nice if Blapp would maintain a little list for me to dribble those half-baked thoughts into.

Why does my PowerBook fan run all the time?

I thought for a while it was some rogue application eating up CPU, and sure enough Mozilla, Chimera, and NetNewsWire all seem to waste cycles when they’re not obviously doing anything. But it happens even when I kill them. And I’ve just realized that it only seems to happen when I’m plugged in with the power adapter.

Looks like it’s related to the “processor performance” setting under Energy Saver. I wish I knew more about what the “reduced” setting means. How slow is it? Is it always reduced, or does it just pull back the throttle when the temperature is too high? That’s the setting I would like to have for use when the power is plugged in: full speed ahead unless things get hot, and then pull back to avoid having to run the fan at high speed. (For most things I do, I prefer quiet to blazing performance.)

Blosxom needs secondary categories

I suppose it’s a litte ungrateful to say this two days after category support arrived in version 5 of Blosxom (or whatever it really is in Rael’s strange version numbering system). But it’s still true … you should be able to put Blosxom entries in multiple categories. Here’s a great example: this entry could reasonably fit into several other categories (Computers/Internet/Blogging because it deals with Blapp, Computers/SoftwareDevelopment/Methodologies because it deals with bazaar-style development, Computers/SoftwareDevelopment/Tools because it deals with GUI builders, Computers/SoftwareDevelopment/Interfaces because it deals with inherent problems of GUI development … you get the idea).

I understand the need to have a primary category, but secondary categories wouldn’t have to reflect the disk storage model.

Shared development of Cocoa interfaces

Interface Builder is the first GUI builder I’ve ever used that I didn’t really hate. But it still has its drawbacks.

I have quite a few ideas for improving Blapp. I’d love to help Michael McCracken by adding some of these features myself (that seems better than becoming “that pest who asks me for three new features a day”). But that’s going to be difficult, because you can’t really send patches against the objects.nib file.

I suppose this is just a special case of the problems inherent in collaborative GUI development, but it’s still annoying.

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