Re: Why you should not use Tcl

Rob Savoye (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 04:27:29 GMT (Dan Connolly) writes:

>For example, tcl/expect is used in DejaGnu, the regression testing
>tools. Tcl seems well suited to this task. Certainly expect is the
>best available tool of its kind. Is the plan to replace tcl with some
>other scripting language in that toolset? That would seem to imply

No. Expect is the perfect shell for regression testing. I initially
tried elisp (debated writing a standalone elisp interpreter) and bourne
shell, but it doesn't work for interactive processes.

>that all the test suites would have to be revised. (Is dejagnu
>considered GNU software, or is it like gnuplot in that it just uses
>the GNU name?)

DejaGnu is GNU software, it's GPL'd and has all the paperwork. :-) Revising
all the testsuite would be a disaster. We've got too much work underway
improving our testing to worry about a yet uncreated ultimate scripting
language. The new GDB GUI we've been working on is also written in Tk...

- rob -

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