Re: Why you should not use Tcl

Peter da Silva (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 19:45:28 GMT

In article <>,
rodrigo vanegas <> wrote:
> To encourage the design, implementation, and use of superior extension
> languages.

I would personally prefer to use a slightly extended (with a few decent
string primitives) scheme than Tcl, myself. But nobody ever came out and
did the work necessary to make Scheme a useful scripting language, including
embedded and standalone versions. Ousterhout did that, and with a language
that is at least clean and regular, if a little oddball, and absent a set
of implementations of Scheme toolkits that are as widely available, compatible,
and easily portable as Tcl there's really no alternative.

It could be a lot worse. The standard scripting language on the Amiga is a
variant of REXX, and there's been a few people pushing it on UNIX.

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