Re: Why you should not use Tcl

Peter da Silva (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 00:34:59 GMT

In article <367cj1$>,
Jay Maynard <> wrote:
> Why do you consider REXX to be "a lot worse"? It has a not insignificant
> following, and not a few visual development tools, at least on OS/2.

It's a cramped language, with no clean method for parsing/extending the code
directly and a hideously complex inter-language calling sequence. Plus it's
got a set of its own flaws, like giving uninitialised variables their name
as their value (the only rational alternatives are to trap (I prefer this)
or to yeild the null string).

It's got too much syntax. I don't think an embedded language should have a
whit more syntax than is absolutely necessary.

It's got oddball primitives for string handling that don't match the UNIX
hacker tools. PARSE is not nearly as capable as REGSUB.

No two platforms have implementations close enough to allow easy code porting.
That's where Scheme falls down, too, alas.

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