Re: Look into libscheme - was Re: Why you should not use Tcl

Andrew McCallum (
28 Sep 1994 14:07:18 GMT

There are other embeddable Scheme interpreters as well.

I've had very good experiences with the `elk' embeddable Scheme
interpreter; I prefer it over the `STk' Scheme interpreter mentioned
by RMS in his post:

* lib*.a and *.o files are dynamically loadable in many architectures,
not just Solaris 1 and 2.
* You can save a snapshot of the current runtime state (`dump').
* The interface for adding application-specific functions and types
is cleaner than `STk'.
* Installation was easier.
* It has better documentation.
* It has full access to the Athena and Motif widget sets, (but not the
Tcl widgets).
* There are easy options for using their main() or your own main().
* The Elk Scheme implementation is R^4RS and IEEE Std 1178 conforming.

Elk, version 2.2 is available in the contrib section of the X

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