Re: extensibility (was: Why you should not use Tcl)

Ian Moor (
29 Sep 1994 13:07:45 GMT

Dietrich J. Kappe wrote in article <> :
>> Gnu EMACS has implemented for it a news reader and a WWW browser
>> for example. It does neither one particularly well.
>Haven't tried the WWW browser. Use GNUS all the time. I find it better
>than any news readers I've tried, for a whole variety of subjective
>reasons. Why do you feel GNUS doesn't work well?

I've found that while gnus is reading long groups or articles or while
it garbage collects, I can't carry on doing something else. I've just
move to tknews2 : very nice, and I don't have all of gnus inside my editor

Ian Moor

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