Re: Why you should not use Tcl

Matthias Neeracher (
30 Sep 1994 23:57:09 GMT

In article <> (Michael I Bushnell) writes:
> In article <36hm0k$> (John M. Klassa) writes:

> And where is good ol' RMS now that he's started this raging flame- (and
> occasional info-) fest?

> RMS doesn't read news, because it eats up too much time.

Or, as Terry Pratchett would put it: "RMS doesn't read news, but he is the
cause of newsreading in other people".

> This seems to be a wise strategy, especially considering the present flame
> war.

Reading the followups to one's own postings is not only elementary courtesy,
but also an educational experience which would IMHO be highly useful to RMS in
suggesting to him to tone down the rhetoric of his messages, which increasingly
sound like papal bulls. If he *does* intend to write papal bulls, though, they
should be referred to the traditional way. For his excommunication of TCL,
this probably should be "Dum interesse construetur".


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