Re: An alternative to Tcl, python, etc...

Mario J. Silva (msilva@terrorism.Berkeley.EDU)
4 Oct 1994 17:44:49 GMT wrote:
: The documentation is out of date. Everything I write is in my spare time
: and I have more func hacking than documenting. This is the reason that the
: version number is below 1.0. The short circuit boolean operators are
: mentioned in changes.txt though.

You just gave the best possible answer to your original question (why
is everybody using tcl, python, ... and nobody talks about s-lang).

In my view, to make people switch to s-lang or any other language now,
one would need to write at least
- a better library
- a clean implementation
- good documentation

It was the combination of these 3 features that made Tcl/Tk successful
in the last 4-5 years. If you only have 0, 1, or 2 of the 3, your
chances are minimal.


ps: note that I have not included the merits of the language among the
required features

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