Re: An alternative to Tcl, python, etc...

Josef Dalcolmo (
5 Oct 1994 20:02:05 GMT

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Darin Johnson <> wrote:
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>> 2. In my opinion, S-Lang has the most pleasing syntax of any of the other
>> interpreters:
>But it looks like C! C does not have a nice pleasing syntax, IMHO.

That's why you should use python!

Python is _very_ readable, object oriented, embeddable and runs stand-alone,
extensible in C, has all the data structures you will ever want, in a syntax
that can be remembered. It has more than one interface to Xlib (also tk),
MS-Windows, ... Runs on many architecures and more

Ftp access

The latest Python source distribution can be ftp'ed from site, directory /pub/python, file python<version>.tar.Z. You
can also find PostScript of the main Python documentation there,
Macintosh and PC binaries, and the latest STDWIN source distribution
(in directory /pub/stdwin). Mirror sites are
(/graphics/graphics/sgi-stuff/python) and
(/languages/python) -- try these sites first if you are on the US
continent, or at least closer to it than to Europe. These mirror
sites are at most a day behind on the European archive!

If you don't have ftp access, send mail containing only the word HELP
to or, and the
server will send you instructions on how to make requests.

- Josef