RailsConf … and the Rails Guidebook!

RailsConf registration is officially open, and there are all kinds of reasons to believe there’s going to be a rush. Don’t wait to register!

Plus, Mike and Dave—the Rails Studio guyshave announced the coolest pre-conference training event ever: the Rails Guidebook. I’m sure a lot of people coming to RailsConf will be new to Rails, and the guidebook will be a great way to get started: a one-day overview of Ruby and Rails from the leading Rails instructors, complete with an installfest so you’ll be prepared to try out the things you learn at the conference. All for a small charitable donation.

I can’t help gushing; those guys rock. And the Rails Guidebook will rock, too. Almost makes me wish I was a newbie! :-)

See you at RailsConf!

In other OSCON news …

I’m glad to see that IT Conversations has finally put up Danny O’Brien’s hilarious, snarky OSCON ‘05 keynote, On Evil. I recommend you follow along with his slides (and no peeking ahead!)

Ruby folk, especiallyeven if you can’t spare 18 minutes to listen to the whole thing, just go for this shorter clip.

(And thanks to IT Conversations for paying attention to Jon Udell and offering an easy clipping service for their audio content.)

OSCON 2006 proposals due soon!

February 13th is the deadline for talk and tutorial proposals for OSCON 2006. That’s just over two weeks away. If you’re doing cool stuff with Ruby, submit a proposal!

’Tis a wonderful gift

… to be easily amused.

(Sure, you get a lot of strange looks, but that just makes things funnier. :-)

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