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Tom Christiansen (
27 Sep 1994 19:35:42 GMT

:-> In comp.lang.tcl, (Basile STARYNKEVITCH) writes:
:For people saying that there should be a scheme (or scheme like)
:implementation as easy to embed as Tcl is, I suggest looking into
:libscheme-0.4 by Brent Benson (
:Libscheme is really very easy to extend and embed in one's application
:(as in Tcl each extension has the familiar (argc, argv[]) C interface
:but objects (including argv and result) are not (C) strings but
:pointer to scheme objects.

Brent Benson will be presenting his paper "libscheme: Scheme as a C Library"
at the USENIX VHLL Symposium in Santa Fe next month. While there won't be
any official comparitive languages event, I'm sure it will come up.

The Keynote is by Bentley, the Footnote by SCJ. The creators of Perl,
TCL, and Python will be presenting there work in an invited talk format,
along with speakers on ML, REXX, and Icon. Other invited talks include
those on postscript, blazon, and object technology.

Here are the refereed papers:

An Anecdote about ML Type Inference
Andrew Koenig, AT&T Bell Laboratories

libscheme: Scheme as a C Library
Brent W. Benson Jr., Harris Computer Systems

A New Architecture for the Implementation of Scripting Languages
Adam Sah and Jon Blow, University of California, Berkeley

Tcl/Tk for a Personal Digital Assistant
Karin Petersen, Xerox PARC

Using Tcl to Control a Computer-Participative Multimedia
Programming Environment
Christopher J. Lindblad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

TkPerl -- A port of the Tk toolkit to Perl5
Dr. Malcolm Beattie, Oxford University Computing Services

Rapid Programming with Graph Rewrite Rules
Dr. Andy Schuerr, University of Technology, Aachen, Germany

End-User Systems, Reusability and High-Level Design
Glenn S. Fowler, John J. Snyder, and Kiem-Phong Vo,
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Compiling Matlab
Stephen C. Johnson, Melismatic Software and Cleve Moler,
The MathWorks, Inc.

ksh: An Extensible High Level Language
David G. Korn, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Fornax: A General-Purpose Programming Language
J. Storrs Hall, Laboratory for Computer Science Research,
Rutgers University

Graphics Programming in Icon Version 9
Clinton L. Jeffery, University of Texas, San Antonio

Two Application Languages in Software Production
David A. Ladd and J. Christopher Ramming, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Using a Very High Level Language to Build Families of High Quality
Reusable Components
Gary F. Pollice, CenterLine Software Inc. and University of
Massachusetts, Lowell

Dixie Languages and Interpreter Issues
R. Stockton Gaines, University of Southern California, Information
Sciences Institute

Feature-Based Portability
Glenn S. Fowler, David G. Korn, John J. Snyder and Kiem-Phong Vo,
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Application Experience with an Implicitly Parallel Composition Language
R. Jagannathan and Chris Dodd, Computer Science Laboratory,
SRI International

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