Linking is a pain in Blosxom, but I don’t think it’s Blosxom’s fault. I do, however, wish tools like Blapp would provide some assistance. (That’s not fair … it already does provide assistance, in the form of good drag-and-drop support. I should say I wish it would provide a particular kind of assistance.)

I’m offline a lot, so there are many times when the drag-and-drop doesn’t help much. Plus, my blog entries about particular topics tend to cluster together around particular points in time.

So I’d like Blapp to parse the HTML I write and remember a list of “recent links” that I’ve used. The first time I link to a particular page, I would have to do it manually, or drag it in. But after that, Blapp could just present me with a list of recent links and let me choose one.

There are a lot of possible refinements … perhaps restricting the list (or sorting it) to prefer links that I’ve used in the current category, or something like that.