I remember the first time I tried a web browser with this behavior: you click once in the URL field, and the entire contents of the field is selected, ready to be replaced with a single keystroke. I don’t know for sure whether IE or Netscape for Windows was the first to do that, but I was definitely annoyed: “That’s not the way text fields are supposed to work!”

It still annoys me. But I am used to it. I know I’m used to it because Chimera doesn’t have that behavior, and it really throws me. Click … click … click click … drag … oh yeah, gotta remember, it’s easier if I use Command-L.

I’m glad the Chimera folks have decided to stick to UI conventions. (Of course, Chimera’s in beta, so perhaps they just haven’t added that “feature” yet.) It’s not as though the right way is really difficult. There are three easy ways to select the whole URL field: drag across it, triple-click, or Command-L. But it’s annoying that I’ve had several years of training in the wrong way.