It was another great weekend at No Fluff, Just Stuff … this time in Seattle. I had to leave early this time, so it felt like I just flew in, gave my talks, and left. But not before one_really great_ session.

My talk on Aspect-Oriented Programming and AspectJ is always popular, and this time was no exception. Somehow we had the smallest room at the conference, and it was standing-room only. And I had some excellent (if not particularly lovely) assistants: fellow AspectJ enthusiast Ted Neward sat in, as did Andreas Schaefer (who gave a talk on JBoss’s AOP framework on Sunday). Maciej Zawadzki, who is working on some very neat stuff with AspectJ, was there. And best of all, sitting at the back of the room was Gregor Kiczales, who led the team that developed AspectJ.

Everyone chimed in, and there were a lot of great contributions from the audience. It was a privilege to lead such a session, and I think everyone in the room would have enjoyed it if it had lasted twice as long. Events like that are a strength of the NFJS symposiumswhen knowledgable speakers attend their colleagues’ talks and chime in with their own expertise, everybody wins.

Gregor gave me some very helpful feedback on my talk, so next time it’ll be even better. I’m looking forward to it already!