On Mondays I typically scan my calendar for the next few weeks to see what’s coming up, and this morning I was reminded that the first Pragmatic Studio for Ajax is coming up in just over three weeks. I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to be there. I’m one of the “Ajax experts” scheduled to speak at The Ajax Experience in May, but never mind about thatI’ve never failed to learn new things whenever I’ve heard Stu Halloway and Justin Gehtland speak. Besides … I’ve noticed that cool people like Rael Dornfest are planning to be there, and the photos from the first Rails studio show what a fun time these training events are. (I’m seriously disappointed I haven’t been able to make it to a Rails studio.)

Ajax is a funny beast, and you can expect to meet Java, Rails, .NET, and PHP developers thereand that’s just part of the fun, to me. There’s still time to sign up and get good airfare!